The need for secure file transfer solutions has recently been in the news
with the nation’s healthcare organizations pushing for electronic medical
records. However, the legal industry also has a growing need for the

With more law firms and corporate legal departments utilizing digital
dictation, these organizations also have a need to transfer digital files
securely. Oftentimes, the information contained in such files is sensitive data
on a case, defendant, plaintiff and witnesses. If exposed, damage could be done
to the case and all involved.

That’s why legal professionals are encouraged to avoid using unsecured
methods, such as email and USB flash drives.

Also, secure file transfer protocols allow for a quick exchange of documents,
which is always key in litigation when time is a factor.

“Legal IT departments are striving to reduce the burdensome administration of
traditional file transfer methods while offering user friendly solutions,” said
Charlie Magliato, legal practice manager of a secure file transfer solution

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