Companies that utilize digital dictation tools and an outsourced
transcription service know the importance of deploying a secure file transfer
solution to ensure compliance with data protection requirements.

But there are several factors to consider when selecting a solution for
transmitting sensitive data, according to a recent SYS-CON Media report.

Security is at the top of the list. Companies and organizations that fail to
properly secure confidential information may face legal action. A proper secure
file transfer solution should include audit trails, security alerts and mask
passwords on the screen and in transfer logs, according to the report. Audit
trails can help companies and vendors track data, while security alerts in the
form of emails and text messages can raise red flags when a problem arises.

Other factors to consider include easy-to-use functionality so more of the
workforce can utilize the solution and remote access to allow for enhanced
monitoring and administration of transfers.

At American Dictation, we offer secure file transfer via our FTP site or as part of our NovusFiles web based upload and downloads.  You can see more information by clicking here.