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Mastering Dragon NaturallySpeaking Dragon training e-book



A complete e-book .pdf guide to mastering the premiere speech recognition software. Written by Dragon expert. Mastering Dragon NaturallySpeaking Dragon training e-book

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Mastering Dragon NaturallySpeaking Dragon training e-book

Learning Dragon NaturallySpeaking® Just Got Easier. Originally written for version 10, this book still contains the most valuable information available on using Dragon Medical, Legal, Professional or Premium.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking® is the most powerful speech recognition software system available today. Used by thousands of professionals, Dragon NaturallySpeaking increases productivity, reduces stress injuries, and saves operational cost.

Because the software is so powerful, it is also quite complex. Due to the lack of comprehensive documentation included with the software, most users enjoy only a fraction of the benefits of Dragon NaturallySpeaking. It’s difficult to learn Dragon NaturallySpeaking on your own. Classes are expensive and time-consuming, and video tutorials are often boring and slow.

Unleash the Power

If you use Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional, Medical, or Legal versions, you’re quite familiar with its basic dictation commands. But did you know:

  • you can create your own time-saving commands
  • you can add list of custom vocabulary words particular to your profession
  • you can use a variety of handheld digital voice recorders with Dragon NaturallySpeaking
  • you can use your user profile from more than one workstation

And there’s more. Chances are, you’re only scratching the surface of the capabilities of Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional Series. To help you understand and use all the benefits of this software, American Dictation Technology Labs is introducing the latest in its “Mastering” series for digital dictation and transcription, called “Mastering Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional.” Two hundred and thirty-seven pages of instruction, guides and helpful hints to help you fully master the software.

Become a Pro by reading Mastering Dragon NaturallySpeaking Dragon training e-book

Are you getting 98% or better accuracy? Are you using Dragon NaturallySpeaking for all your computer programs? Do you know the best way to use Dragon with a mobile digital recorder? If you answered “yes” to all these questions, this book is not for you. However, if you feel you’re not getting the full return on your software investment, then consider getting your own copy of “Mastering Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional” and take your dictation to a whole new level!

There is NO other book on the market today that addresses all the topics in this book with as much detail. This PDF book includes:

  • 237 easy-to-read pages, including Command Guides.
  • NEW Version 10 guides and content.
  • Helpful hints from American Dictation Lab professionals.
  • Alerts and warnings to help prevent costly mistakes.
  • Step-by-step instructions for all key tasks.
  • Guides for using Dragon with Word®, Outlook®, Excel®, Lotus Notes® and more!

And, while this book is focused on Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional, Medical and Legal versions, users of the Standard and Preferred versions will find it helpful, too.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

As soon as your payment for the book is processed, you can download and begin using Mastering Dragon NaturallySpeaking right away. Start being more productive with Dragon NaturallySpeaking today! However, if you find this book doesn’t help, you can e-mail us within 7 calendar days for a full refund credited to your card. No questions asked (although we’d love constructive feedback). We trust you to destroy your copy if you don’t find it useful.

So, you really have nothing to lose.

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To celebrate the completion of this new version, and to immediately benefit our own Dragon NaturallySpeaking customers, we are offering “Mastering Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional” at a special discount price. This is only for a limited time, so please act now.

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Be More Productive Today!

Let the full potential of Dragon NaturallySpeaking bring you to YOUR full potential.