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Olympus CR-21 Docking Cradle for DS-9500 and DS-9000



Olympus CR-21 Docking Cradle for DS-9500 and DS-9000

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This docking station for the Olympus DS‑9500 or Olympus DS-9000 is the professional add‑on, which allows you to transfer your dictations via USB or LAN. Connected with an Olympus AC‑Adapter it charges your Olympus DS‑9500 in half the time than via USB connection (USB: ca. 4 hours). It also provides a connector to your Olympus footswitch (RS-31) to remote control the recorder for hands‑free dictation.

Easy, fast connection for your Olympus DS-9500 or DS-9000 to your PC or Mac


  • Multi-function cradle
  • LAN connection for areas where Wi‑Fi is not available (only DS‑9500)
  • Compatible with DS‑9500, DS‑9000
  • Fast charging
  • PC or Mac connection
  • Playback control via USB foot switch RS-31H
  • Hands-free dictation via USB foot switch RS-31H
  • Dedicated connector for voice recorder
  • Kensington lock can be connected


Docking cradle accessory for the Olympus dictation devices DS-9500 and DS-9000.  Plugs into computer via USB cable and charges your recorder.  Also used for transferring voice files vi the Olympus ODMS dictation module software.


Does not include cable (KP-30)

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