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Olympus ME-34 Compact Zoom Microphone



Olympus ME-34 Compact Zoom microphone. Directional microphone great for recording speakers at podiums while eliminating background chatter.

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Olympus ME-34 Compact Zoom Microphone


The ME-34 Compact Zoom Microphone offers the following:

The directional design limits interference from nearby sound sources. This is useful for recording a particular voice or signal that would otherwise be obscured or overpowered by other sources. For example, the ME-34 can help capture a keynote speaker at a conference without recording a lot of chatter from attendees.

  • Wind screen included to reduce wind noise.
  • Directionality : Unidirectional (Mono)
  • Frequency response : 70-14,000Hz
  • Sensitivity : -36.8 dB ‘± 4 dB
  • Power supply : Plug-in-power system (1.5 V – 5 V)
  • External dimensions : 19.2 x 26.6 x 115.9mm
  • Cord length : 1.5 m
  • Weight : Approx. 31g (including the cords)
  • Included : Wind screen, case

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