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New! NovusGear Conference Recording Kit NSC-CM720



New!  NovusGear Conference Recording Kit NSC-CM-720 is a complete, affordable, portable meeting recording kit with big features.  Expand up to six omni-directional tabletop microphones for larger groups.

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NovusGear Conference Recording Kit NSC-CM720

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Expandable and affordable!

Great medium sized  meeting or conference recording kit with Olympus DM720 Digital Voice Recorder. Two table-top conference recording microphones, 1 Y splitter, locking metal-trimmed carrying case with foam inserts. Inner foam provided with pre-scored cuts to allow you to configure the case to fit the conference recording kit’s items the way you wish. . Includes carrying strap with shoulder guard and two keys.

Note: actual color of case and accessories may vary slightly.

The NovusGear Conference Recording Kit NSC-CM720 includes high quality, Table-top omnidirectional tabletop boundary microphones for recording meetings and conferences.   Additional microphones (purchased separately) can be linked together via “daisy chain” design for larger rooms or groups.  This is truly the most affordable, expandable conference or meeting recording kit on the market.

This conference recording kit is an American Dictation exclusive.  We have sold hundreds to satisfied municipal boards, library boards, educational institutions, and many other smaller groups.

If you are on a budget, but need crystal clear meeting recordings, this conference recording kit will meet your needs perfectly.


NovusGear Conference Recording Kit NSC-CM720 features


Unparalleled recording quality, even without the table microphones!

If you have only an interview or a couple of participants, the Olympus DM-720 features a three microphone system that includes both directional and omni-directional microphones to faithfully capture the depth and fullness of the sounds recorded. The stereo microphones are arranged at a 90° angle to produce a natural stereo experience, with an added central microphone to compensate for low-range sounds. This Tresmic combination provides a wide frequency range for the most demanding professionals.


NovusGear CM-720 conference recording kit features three microphones on the Olympus DM-720 recorder









Direct USB connection.

No more fumbling around with USB cords, simply slide out the integrated USB plug and insert into your computers port.


The NovusGear CM-720 coms with the Olympus DM-720 digital recorder whcih features a direct USB connection










Two high quality, omnidirectional, table-top boundary microphones for clear, clean pick-up of meetings, depositions and interviews.  Additional microphones can be added to expand range.

Long microphone cords for maximum placement versatility.

Customizable foam inserts to accommodate recorder, microphones and accessories.

Locking, metal-trimmed case to protect your electronic equipment.

One-year warranty on all components.

Recording Format


Recording Media

Built-in 4GB flash memory and microSD card slot

Recording Time

48kHz 16-bit: 5h25m
44.1kHz 16-bit: 5h55m

320kbps: 26h
256kbps: 32h30m
128kbps: 65h30m
64kbps mono: 131h

PC Interface

Hi speed USB 2.0

Overall Frequency Response

“20Hz-23kHz(center microphone ON)
70Hz-20kHz(center microphone OFF)”

Practical Maximum Output

“Headphone: 4.0mW + 4.0mW (at load of 16Ω)
Speaker: 400mW (8Ω load)”


20 mm round dynamic speaker (mono)

Microphone Jack

3.5mm dia. Mini-jack, impedance 2.2kΩ

Earphone Jack

3.5mm dia, impedance 8Ω or more

Power Supply

2 x AAA Ni-MH rechargeable batteries or alkaline (LR03 or R03) batteries / DC5V AC adapter (optional)


4.4″ x 1.6″ x 0.6″ (110.8 x 39.8 x 15.4 mm)


3.03 oz (86g), including batteries

OS Supported

Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 Mac OS X 10.4.1 and up