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Olympus RS-30W Remote for LS and DM Series Digital Voice Recorders

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The Olympus RS-30W remote control set consists of a small receiver and transmitter allowing you to start stop and pause your Olympus LS or DM series digital voice recorder.  Use in a conference or lecture recording environment.

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Olympus RS-30W Remote

The Olympus RS-30W remote is a great tool if you need to start and stop recording from a distance.  In a lecture, you can place the recorder near the speaker and control the functions from your seat.  In a meeting or conference recording environment, this remote will prevent the distracting noise of you manipulating the recorder manually from being part of the record.

The Olympus RS-30W remote control set enables wireless control of the recording start/stop/pause functions. The remote control is connected to the REMOTE jack on the digital recorder, and the light sensor has a rotary construction for operation from wide angles. You can confirm the operation (Rec/Pause/Stop) with LED on the receiver.



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