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Grundig Digta 7i Premium

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The Grundig Digta 7i Premium is the lowest priced professional slide switch dictation device on the market.  Works within a shared network environment.

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Grundig Digta 7i Premium


The Grundig Digta 7i Premium is a Professional mobile dictation device with Soft-Touch-Composite surface. It is ideally suited for mobile use as the high quality housing is ergonomically designed. Moreover it’s particularly sturdy and shock-absorbing. Thanks to its soft-touch finish, the Digta 7 Premium rests easily in the user’s hand – even after a lengthy dictation.

  • Easy Mode for especially easy operation
  • Slide switch offering individual configuration of the function sequence
  • 2 GB on-board memory for almost 300 hours of recording time
  • Expandable memory with external SD Card
  • Best sound quality thanks to DSSPro
  • XXL display: high contrast, transfl ective, easy-to-read screen design
  • Li-Ion rechargeable battery/batteries
  • PIN/PUK protection, UUID, encryption of dictations

Includes: Digta 7 Premium, battery pack 962, carrying case, hand strap,  USB cables, DSSMover and Digta Configurator (available via download)

DSS Mover Tool

DssMover, available via download, is a simple tool used for transferring dictations automatically via email, defined location on your local PC,  or designated network folder.

Digta Configurator Tool

Digta Configurator for clearly structured, customized device configuration at the PC.

Brilliant sound for best audio recordings

The Digta 7 Premium is best suited for high quality voice recordings. The two built-in microphones of the Digta 7 Premium allow stereo recordings in the WAV and MP3 format with clear spatial sound. With this device you are also best equipped for conferences and interview recordings.

The motion sensor allows left-handed operation and reduces battery consumption

The Digta 7 Premium is the world’s first mobile dictation device with a motion sensor. The display can be rotated by the sensor, making it also best suited for left-handed operation.  This motion sensor also ensures that the Digta 7 Premium exits the sleep mode as soon as you pick it up.

Protection on the go thanks to shock absorbent housing and long battery life

The Digta 7 Premium is ideally suited for mobile use as the high quality housing is ergonomically designed. Moreover it’s particularly sturdy and shock-absorbing. Thanks to its soft-touch finish, the Digta 7 Premium rests easily in the user’s hand – even after a lengthy working session.

The “Digta 7” Premium models have a high-performance lithium-ion rechargeable battery. It allows more than 20 hours of recording time. To ensure usability round the clock, standard AAA batteries can also be used.

Adjust keys and slide switch settings according to individual desires

The lateral function keys of the Digta 7 Premium are freely configurable  Individually often used functions like “Index” or “New Dictation” for left-handed use can be assigned to them. The practical help function and key lock function are preset in the device.

The Digta 7 Premium has an innovative “Touch Pin” slide switch. With this switch the user can operate the dictation device by feel, as the “Touch Pin” protrudes slightly from the switch when set on ‘stop’. Another unique feature: The versatile slide switch incorporates four slide switch variations in one. With a simple adjustment, the customers can select the version they want to use for the Digta 7 Premium.

High contrast display and self scaling dictation bar – for a perfect overview

The transflective backlit LCD display of the Digta 7 Premium provides clear, high-contrast text and graphic documents in a 160 x 160 pixel display with 16 grayscales . The contrast will be intensified with bright surrounding light or direct sunlight. Fields with a gray background organize the displayed information on the Digta 7 Premium into clearly structured groups. The active settings are clearly emphasized.

A self-scaling progress bar in the display of the Digta 7 Premium shows the length of the dictation. This allows you a clear overview – independent of the dictation length recorded on your Digta 7 Premium.

Easy operation thanks to “Easy Mode” function

The Digta 7 Premium includes the „Easy Mode” configuration. With this mode the functions on the display have been honed down to the essentials. Especially users who are familiar with analogue dictation devices, appreciate this function and the operating comfort of the Digta 7 Premium.

Internal memory, protected from access – expandable with SD Card

Dictation devices from Grundig Business Systems, including the Digta 7 Premium, are the only professional dictation devices worldwide with real internal memory.  It can be protected by the unit’s PIN. Additionally, a 256 bit encryption provides protection against the loss of sensitive data.

The Digta 7 Premium provides 2 GB internal memory for more than 300 hours of voice recordings in the DSS format. Naturally, external SD memory cards can also be used.

128-/256-bit encryption offers the highest level of security

Generate your dictations in the DSSPro format and take advantage of a higher level of data security! DigtaSoft Pro allows you to use 128/256-bit encryption for your dictations, even in real time. Unprotected DSS and DSSPro dictations can also be encrypted after they have been generated.

The dual encryption rate fulfills the current requirements in sensitive sectors such as health care and law. You can also increase security by protecting your dictations with a password so that only your secretarial staff can decrypt them.


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