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Olympus DS-5000 Digital Voice Recorder

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Replaces DS-4000 which is no longer available. Slide switch operation. Recharging cradle. Up to 79 hours record time on incl. 512MB internal memory card. Player Pro 5 software. Win or Mac.

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**No software is included with the DS-5000 recorder**

The Olympus DS-5000 is the new flagship recorder from America’s leader in portable handheld digital dictation. Replaces the popular  DS-4000, but only much, much better!

The DS-5000 Digital Recorder is stronger and better than the DS-4000, and includes many new features and upgrades – all at new, low price.

The DS-5000 and it’s accompanying software is designed to integrate with Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional, Legal and Medical 10.1.  Upload your voice files and have them converted to text!  The DS-5000’s incredible quality make it the most accurate recorder we have ever tested with Dragon!

The DS-5000 has been designed from the ground up to deliver superb performance. From a longer battery life to on-board encryption, the DS-5000 is much more than a new model: it is a whole new ball game!

The Olympus DS-5000 Digital Voice Recorder supports SD and microSD, dual memory cards. There are three programmable buttons and a manager tool for easy setup and customization. Better sound quality for QP recording mode.

Even the docking and charging cradle is new. Easy-out, easy-in design saves on wear and tear, while providing a quick USB or AC powered recharge to give you up to 30 hours of recording time.

This complete dictation solution is perfect for the busy doctor or lawyer wanting maximum productivity in a portable device.

Not just a re-do of an older model, the DS-5000 represents the top of technology for professional digital dictation.

Watch the Basic Training video to see how easy it is to operate the Olympus DS-5000. And the Introduction to the DS-5000 for more information about this professional dictation recorder.


Includes FREE remote installation, configuration, training and unlimited tech support.


Slide Switch Operation is quiet and easy to use, resulting in high performance, comfort, and increased productivity

Better sound quality with DSS Pro QP (Quality Playback) mode

Supports encryption and decryption of dictation files and document files sent over the Internet

Up to 32 index marks per file

SD and microSD, dual memory cards are supported

Optional barcode scanner

Device lock function with password lets you keep your files safe and secure

Durable USB connector and battery door

Verbal comment function. Instantly search and play back verbal comments using DSS Player software

LCD supports and displays multiple languages, including English, French and German

Rechargeable Ni-MH battery pack for added convenience automatically charges when the recorder is placed in the cradle

Centralized firmware update

Low power consumption allows for long recording times

Centralized navigation buttons for easy data input and settings

Manager tool for easy setup and customization


Recording Format DS2 (Digital Speech Standard Pro)
Recording Media SD/SDHC, microSD Card: 512MB – 8GB
Recording Time With included 512MB microSD card:
QP mode: 38 hours, 45 minutes
SP mode: 79 hours, 30 minutes
Input Level -70 dBv
PC Interface USB
Folders Messages 1 to 7 folders (Default – 5 folders) /200 messages per folder
Sampling Frequency QP mode: 16 kHz
SP mode: 12 kHz
Overall Frequency Response QP mode: 200 to 7,000 Hz
SP mode: 200 to 5,000 Hz
LP Mode Yes
Voice Activation Yes
Demographic Data Input Author ID, Work Type, Date/Time, Priority, Index, etc.
Practical Maximum Output 250 mW or more
Earphone Jack 3.5mm mini-jack, impedance 8 Ohm or more
Power Supply 5V
Batteries Ni-MH Rechargeable Battery Pack (BR403) or two (2) AAA Alkaline batteries or two (2) Ni-MH rechargeable batteries (BR401)
Size 4.5″ x 2.0″ x 0.7″ (without protrusions)
Weight 3.88 oz (including Ni-MH rechargeable battery pack (BR403)
OS Supported Windows 2000 Professional Service Pack4;
Windows XP Professional/XP Home edition Service Pack2;
Windows XP 64-bit;
Windows Vista Ultimate/Enterprise/Business/Home Premium/Home Basic;
Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit edition/Enterprise 64-bit edition/Business 64-bit edition/Home Premium 64-bit edition/Home Basic 64-bit edition
Windows 7 (32 bit and 64 bit)
Windows Server 2003;
Windows Server 2003 x64 edition
Mac OS 10.3.9 – 10.5

Windows 8

Windows 10

CPU Windows : Windows 2000/XP: 500MHz processor or more
Windows Vista: 800MHz processor or more
Windows Server 2003: 550MHz processor or more
Mac : PowerPC G3; Intel Core/Duo
RAM Windows : Windows 2000/XP: 128MB or more
Windows Vista: 512MB or more
Windows Server 2003: 256MB or more
Sound Board No
Video Card Display Windows: 800 x 600 pixels or more, 65536 colors more
Mac: 1024 x 768 pixels or more, 32,000 colors more
Removable Drive Windows/Mac : CD, DVD drive
USB Port Windows: One or more free ports
Mac: One or more free ports
Audio Output Windows: Windows-compatible sound device
Warranty One (1) year

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