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Refurbished Olympus DS-4000 Dictation Recorder



We have the ever popular Olympus DS-4000 Dictation Recorder in stock. Newly refurbished to factory specs. Recorder, Cradle, Memory Card, Cable and Battery Pack

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Olympus DS-4000 Dictation Recorder


Need to replace your DS-4000, but do not wish to upgrade your whole system?  We have the solution.

We have aquired some of the mpst popular digital dictation devices ever to hit the market and refurbished them to factory specifications for those users who can’t seem to let go.



Features of the Olympus DS-4000 Dictation Recorder

Slide Switch Operation is quiet and easy to use , resulting in high performance, comfort, and increased productivity.

  • Records in DSS (Digital Speech Standard) format, developed primarily to meet dictation and transcription needs.
  • Record more than 11 hours of superb quality DSS audio with the included 32MB xD-Picture Card and up to 179 hours, 30 minutes with a 512MB card.
  • Improved DSS Player Pro software provides automatic download and backup of recordings; automatic distribution of recordings via email or FTP to other users; direct recording onto your PC; managing and changing settings on your recorder; playing and editing of recordings on your PC; and automatic retrieval of typed documents and much more.
  • Compact design and light metal finish combine for a recorder with a professional look and feel and large easy to read LCD with backlight
  • Dual function cradle for recharging of Ni-MH battery pack and downloading data to a PC.
  • Two programmable buttons, A and B, to implement functions per user dictation preferences.
  • Choose between two combinations of recording modes, SP or LP, and recording sensitivity, Dictate or Conference, to suit your recording needs.
  • The DS-4000’s automatic voice activation keeps recordings free from dead space and saves recording capacity and time during transcription.
  • Up to 10 users ID’s and 10 Work Types can be programmed on the recorder to support user environment where recorders are exchanged amongst professionals
  • Rechargeable Ni-MH battery pack for added convenience automatically charges when the recorder is placed in the cradle.
  • The Olympus DS-4000 Dictation Recorder allows for easy editing of existing recordings by appending, overwriting, inserting, and erasing or partial-erase of recording.
  • The Olympus DS-4000 Dictation Recorder recorder can categorically classify and store recording in any of the 7 different folders that can be programmed on the recorder. Each folder can store up to 199 messages per folder.
  • Designed to withstand the heavy usage of the professional user. Durable switches and connectors of the DS-4000 are designed to eliminate or minimize the down time.
  • When the Olympus DS-4000 Dictation Recorder is left unused and in stop mode for a set amount of time, it will automatically shut itself off.
  • The Olympus DS-4000 Dictation Recorder transfer rate of dictation from the recorder to PC or vise versa has been improved to reduce time spent waiting for the transfer process to finish.
  • The Olympus DS-4000 Dictation Recorder will automatically synchronize its clock with your PC using the DSS Player Pro Dictation software.
  • The DSS Player Pro Dictation software supports encryption of dictations before sending as email attachments or via FTP.
  • The Olympus DS-4000 Dictation Recorder supports hands-free recording with the optional RS-25 footswitch. Connect the RS-25 to the cradle, place the recorder in the cradle and you are ready to go.
  • Multi-level alarms can be enabled and set to meet various needs.
  • The Olympus DS-4000 Dictation Recorder supports and displays language in English, French, and German.
  • Splash screen automatically displays default time of day greeting when DS-4000 is turned on, or you can program your own greeting (up to 20 characters).
  • Compatible with IBM Via Voice for Windows.

SpecificationsModelDS-4000Recording FormatDSS (Digital Speech Standard)Recording MediaxD-Picture Card media (16 – 1GB)Recording TimeUsing bundled 32 MB xD-Picture Card media:
SP Mode: approx. 5 hours 10 minutes
LP Mode: approx. 11 hours 5 minutesCard FormatxD-Picture CardInput Level-70 dBvPC InterfaceUSBLCD29 x 31 mmLED2 colors (red and green)Folder Messages5 to 7 folders, 199 messages per folderSampling FrequencySP Mode: 12.0 kHz
LP Mode: 8.0 kHzOverall Frequency ResponseSP Mode: 300-5,000 Hz
LP Mode: 300-3,000 HzLP ModeYesVoice ActivationYesDemographic Data InputYesPractical Maximum Output180 mWWrite ProtectionYesSpeakerBuilt-in 28 mm round dynamic speakerMicrophone Jack3.5 mm mini-jack, impedance 2 kohmsEarphone Jack3.5 mm mini-jack, impedance 8 ohmsPower Supply2 AAA Alkaline or 2 AAA NiMH BR-401 batteries, or one NiMH Rechargeable Battery Pack (BR-402 or BR-403)External Power SupplyAC Adapter A-510Battery LifeAlkaline
Recording: Approx.. 16 hours
Playback: Approx. 9 hours
Recording: Approx. 12 hours
Playback: Approx. 8 hoursSize4.3″ x 2.0″ x .67″ (110.2 x 50 x 16.9 mm), excluding protrusionsWeight3.6 oz (101 g), including batteriesOS Supported

Windows® 98 / Windows 98SE / Windows ME / Windows 2000 Professional / Windows XP Professional / Windows XP Home Edition / Windows Vista™

Mac OSX 10.1 through 10.4

USB PortOne free portAudio OutputEarphone output or speakers


Refurbished Olympus DS-4000 Dictation Recorder
Docking / Charging cradle
Memory card
Battery Pack