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Microcassette Tapes MC-45 (10 micro cassettes)

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Microcassette Tapes MC-45  Tapes, 22.5 minutes each side for 45 minutes total recording time.  High quality tape for dictation and transcription.

Designed to be recorded and erased many times without stretching or audio distortion.

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Microcassette Tapes MC-45 (10 micro cassettes)

We still have a supply of 45 minute microcassette dictation tapes. These MC–45 microcassette tapes are getting harder and harder to find. When we do have them in stock, it is not unusual for us to receive orders in the hundreds of units.

The time to buy microcassette tapes for dictation and transcription is when you see them. Often times these may go out of stock for weeks at a time.

These MC–45 microcassette tapes are designed for dictation in that they are meant to be recorded erased and recorded over time and time again with minimal stretching or audio distortion.

Clear plastic case, Anti Static Roller to prevent unwanted noise. Tape is higher grade to reduce stretching.



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