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Philips Mini Cassette Transcription Kit LFH-720



The Philips 720T  allows you to cope with substantial workloads. The system is entirely geared towards simplicity; a large-digit LCD shows tape information at a glance.

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Philips Mini Cassette Transcription Kit LFH-720

The Philips  Mini Cassette Transcription Kit LFH-720 is the last professional grade mini cassette transcriber made in the world today.  If you need to replace your mini cassette transcriber, do it now before they become obsolete.

The Philips desktop transcription system is a document creation solution specifically designed to make dictation easy and intuitive. Its outstanding ergonomics let you manage your jobs easily.


Features of the Philips  Mini Cassette Transcription Kit LFH-720

Auto rewind for fast return to the beginning of the tape

Auto rewind allows you to save time by quickly returning to the beginning of the tape automatically.

Search forward and skip functions for quick access to the start of the next recording

Search forward and skip functions allow quick access to the start of the next recording, making it easier to navigate through your recordings.

The large display shows all the information needed to manage the workload

The LCD tape counter allows you to see the recordings on every cassette right away.

Ergonomic foot pedal for convenient playback control

Slim, ergonomic design guarantees hands-free control of all playback functions with minimal physical strain.

Lightweight stereo headphones for enhanced wearing comfort

Lightweight under-the-chin style stereo headphones designed to deliver excellent sound quality, with soft ear cushions for enhanced wearing comfort.

Tone, speed and volume controls for crystal clear playback at all times

Variable tone, speed and volume controls guarantee crystal clear playback and provide all the necessary features for transcription accuracy.

Auto backspace pauses transcription without missing a word

The auto backspace automatically replays the last few seconds to review recorded material for transcribing confirmation and accurate and fast transcription.

Record protection for saving valuable dictations

You can safeguard valuable dictations using the record protection function. This way you will never accidentally record over valuable recordings.

Turbo wind for fast access to any part of the tape

The turbo wind function allows you to jump to any part of the tape within seconds and save you valuable time.






Foot Pedal


Power Supply

12V DC


200–6.000 Hz

Output power:

>600 mW

Product dimensions

135 mm × 232 mm × 50 mm/5.3” × 9.1” × 2.0”


1150 g/39 oz

Acoustic system


Sound quality

optimized for voice reproduction


64 Ohm

Maximum power input:

2 × 10 mW


103 dB

Speaker diameter

14 mm


dual sound system

Cable connection


Cable length

3 m/10 ft.


3.5 mm stereo, right angled

Connector finish


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