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Sanyo TRC-8080 Standard Cassette Transcriber – Refurbished



Refurbished Sanyo TRC-8080 standard cassette transcriber with 30 day warranty. Fully refurbished to factory specs. New headsets. Hard to find.

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Sanyo TRC-8080 Standard Cassette Transcriber


Sanyo TRC-8080  Refurbished  to factory specifications.  Tested to function correctly.  30 day warranty.


Features of the Sanyo TRC-8080


Solenoid feather touch transport controls
Allow for optimal handling and long life of tape as well as reduced mechanical and electrical noise.

Continuously variable playback speed control
Allows the user to adjust the playback speed of the transcriber to match the user’s keyboarding skills.

Cue tone index search system
Allows for quick access to reference index points that have been inserted on a tape that was recorded on a Sanyo dictation recorder that has this feature.

High speed erase
Allows for quick deletion of previously recorded material. Erases 60 minutes of tape in just over 90 seconds.

End of tape warning
Audibly informs the user that the end of the tape has been reached. Playback/transcribing should be terminated. This feature operates in both the record and playback modes.

Continuously variable automatic backspace
When activated, the user can preset how far the tape will automatically backspace after the user removes her foot from the foot pedal.

Three digit tape counter
Facilitates the easy access to specific segments of the tape.

Professional lightweight headset
Ensures the ultimate in comfort and convenience during usage.

Three function foot pedal
Offers control of key tape transcribing functions playback, rewind, forward.

The monitor speaker in the base unit provides clear audio playback of tape recordings.