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AppTec Digitel Call-in Dictation System. From 1-32 concurrent phone lines



AppTec Digitel 4-Line Call-in Dictation System. Connects to your computer’s USB port and phone line. Downloads audio files directly to your computer. Simple design with virtually nothing to wear out or break.

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AppTec Digitel Call-in Dictation System

This  call-in dictation system that connects to your PC’s USB port and standard phone line. Users telephone in from any phone, standard or cell, enter their user name, and dictate.  The call-in dictation system will automatically route the voice file to the correct typist, where a notification will pop up alerting the transcriptionist if it’s arrival.

The Apptec Call-in Dictation System downloads audio files directly to your computer, whereby a program puts them in the correct folder.

Can be expanded up to a 32-line system by purchasing an additional licenses/modules.

Includes FTPMagic software to send your dictations to any FTP server. Convenient and easy to configure!

Price includes FREE remote installation, configuration and training.

Up to 2000 users per system

This is simply the best telephone call in dictation system available.


From 1 to 32 telephone lines allows complete flexibility.



DigiTel Call-in System





Simply dial a phone number, enter a PIN and dictate! Your DigiTel is always ready for your call. With the ease of touch-tone control, start or pause your dictation, listen to it, or send it off for immediate transcription. Access and operate your DigiTel from any touch-tone phone including landlines, cell phones, VoIP phones, and just about any popular dictation station.Just install its software and connect it to your pc’s usb port and your phone lines. Then you’re ready to enroll users, set their preferences, and view system activity. And its friendly prompts help each user get their work done with ease.

PIN access ensures only authorized users dictate into your DigiTel, and each user’s dictations are recorded directly onto your PC so they’re instantly available to your transcriptionist. Each dictation file is labeled with the authors name, date and time of dictation, and the reference number that the user entered, to clearly identify each dictation.

Enroll up to 2000 users, individually specify their dictation destination, touch-tone functions,

and custom settings.


Law Enforcement & Government


Use a cell phone or any phone to Call-in Your Reports

– Maximize every officer’s field time….Patrolling More, Typing Less- Put Time-Critical Information into action without delay

– Capture anonymous tips and respond to them immediately

– Digitel connects to your PC’s USB Port and to one or more phone lines

– One System Provides Precinct-Wide Coverage for all your Officers

– Recordings are instantly ready for playback by transcriptionists & supervisors

– Capture field data as its gathered and witness interviews word-for-word

– Perfect for detectives, officers, crime scene investigators, evidence techs, medical examiners, homeland security agents, FBI, ICE, DEA, and fire marshals

– Currently in use at police departments and sheriff’s offices across the nation

  • Simple USB Interface to your PC. It runs as a background task on your PC.
  • Simple connection to your standard Analog Phone Lines via RJ-11 Jacks.
  • Scalable to handle from 1 to 32 simultaneous callers. HIPAA Compliant.
  • Sends your dictations swiftly and securely to your local and remote transcriptionists.
  • Its flexible features fit all applications. And its Software Upgrades are FREE.


Physicians & Hospitals

HIPAA Compliant

With DigiTel Call-in System Physicians can now Regain their Efficiency Lost to EMR/EHR Data Entry by Calling-in Their Dictations while MT’s Enter the Data into the EMR/EHR.

Physicians and hospitals are concerned by the loss of physician efficiency due to the increased demand  on the physician’s time to self-enter data into the EMR/EHR (Electronic Medical/Health Record). This  loss of physician efficiency is resulting in higher patient-care costs, due to the physician’s inability to see as many patients per day as they saw when they previously dictated their notes.

For decades, the traditional record-keeping model has been: the physician dictates his or her notes, with the MT (Medical Transcriptionist) turning the physician’s words into documents. The well known efficiency of dictating allows physicians to speak their notes 3 or more times faster than self-keyboarding. So where the average physician used to spend 5 minutes per patient dictating their notes, they find they’re now spending  15 or more minutes per patient entering data into the EMR/EHR.

The problem with EMR/EHR implementation is that it is being used in place of (instead of alongside) the traditional dictation/transcription process. The resulting loss of physician efficiency becomes evident to the hospital’s administrators, who begin to look for ways to solve this troublesome and costly problem.

The solution to the problem of EMR/EHR induced physician inefficiency is by using dictation products like the DigiTel Call-In Dictation System alongside the EMR/EHR. By doing so, the physician regains the efficiency of dictating their notes; the MT performs the EMR/EHR data entry quickly and inexpensively;  and the hospital attains productive use of the EMR/EHR without sacrificing physician efficiency. To implement this solution, the small adjustment to the traditional dictation/transcription model is: the MT now enters the physician’s dictated data into the EMR/EHR instead


Government Agencies


DigiTel is affordable, dependable, easy to use, can grow with your needs as your business grows, and enables you to earn money using your typing skills from the comfort of your home.The 1-port DigiTel system is upgradable to 2-ports by simply entering a new License Key sent to you by email. Or begin with the 2-port, or 3-port (which is upgradable to 4-ports), or the 4-port DigiTel system.

Just choose the system size (number of ports) by the number of clients you want to dictate simultaneously… then just connect one or more phone lines to your DigiTel System and its ready to work for you.



At home Transcriptionists

  • Clients call your DigiTel System, enter their ID, and start dictating.
  • DigiTel supports dozens of clients, and enables 1, 2, 3, or 4 clients to dictate at the same time (up to 32 – additional pods required).
  • Clients can record, indicate priority- work, pause, playback, and more from any touch-tone phone.
  • The instant your client completes a dictation it is available for you to type on your home pc, or optionally from any Internet connected pc.
  • DigiTel runs in the background on your pc to answer your client’s calls and record their dictations.

How does it work?

You may use up to seven 4-Line Systems plus a 1, or 2, or 3, or 4-Line System on the same PC for up to 32-Line capacity


View user activity for each line.

 Hardware System Requirements Pentium II or equivalent or better
Interface: USB 1.1 or 2.0, USB cable included.
Ram: 1 MB or greater
Hard Disk: 1 GB or greater
Operating Systems Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit) 2000, XP, VISTA
Telephone Lines Analog phone lines connected with standard
RJ-11 plugs, phone cords included.
Users 2000 users, each with individual custom settings
Dictation Files Dictation file names include user identity, date and
time of dictation, reference number (up to 15 digits),
priority indication, and file format extension.
Each user can choose their own destination for
their dictation files.
FTP File Transfer via FTPMagic Transfer files automatically to up to 300 FTP sites.
Tone Detection DTMF digits: 0 – 9, *, #, A, B, C, D
Dynamic range: -38 dBm to 0 dBm
Minimum tone detection: 40 ms
Hangup Detection Line Voltage goes below 2 volts for a settable
period of time between 1 ms and 999 ms, or user
presses DTMF representing the hangup function.
Audio Signal Receive range: -68 dBm to +3 dBm
Record gain control: +20 to –20 dB
AGC (automatic gain control) mode
Frequency Response: 300 – 3400 Hz (+/- 3 dB)
Audio Encoding WAV (u-Law), 64 kb/s, 8 bits at 8 KHz, mono
VOX, 32 kb/s, 8 bits at 4 KHz, mono
Ring Detection 30 Vrms (min), 16 to 68 Hz
REN (ringer equivalence number): 2
Safety and Certifications Lightning: Level 4
Certificates: FCC & CE
Size Length x Width x Height:
6.75 x 4.9 x 1.2 in (17cm x 12.5 cm x 3cm)
Power Requirements (from USB port) +5 VDC @ 400 mA, 2 W maximum
Environmental Conditions Operating/Storage Temperature: 0 C to +55 C
Humidity: 8% to 90% non-condensing
Hardware Limited Warranty Parts and labor for 1 year from date of purchase.
See the Product Manual for details.

Apptec USB Modem(s) depending on lines purchased

FTPMagic Software CD

USB Cable

RJ-11 Telephone Cords