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New Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4



New Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 has arrived!

Digital Download only.  License will be processed during regular business hours.

99% accurate out of the box with no voice profile training!



New Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 (PC Only)

Digital Download only.  License will be processed during regular business hours.

What’s new?

Increased Accuracy 

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 provides 99% accuracy without even needing to train a voice profile.  This stunning technology provides immediate relief for the busy practitioner struggling to keep up with documentation.

Simple to setup

You can be up and running in minutes, not hours or days. Options and settings are now available in an all inclusive simple dialog box.  No more hunting!

Simply transcribe recorded voice dictations

If you prefer to use a digital recorder, like many of us do, Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 makes it extremely easy to convert your recorded voice files to usable documents.

Now optimized for touchscreens

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 is the first medical speech recognition program that is designed from the ground up to seamlessly work with both keyboards and touch screen computers.


Key features:

Medical vocabularies and acoustic models tuned for the way clinicians speak.

Includes vocabularies for over 90 medical specialty and subspecialties.

Regional accent support.

Advanced adaptation techniques and accent-specific acoustic models ensures high speech recognition accuracy.

Simplified interaction with EHRs.

Eliminate navigation back to EHR screens with a hidden dictation box.

Dragon Medical template library.

Includes a full library of AutoTexts for standard notes and “medical normals” by body system.

Smart configuration.

Automatically detects hardware resources and determines the best use of infrastructure for optimal performance.

No internet connection required.

Locally-installed speech recognition ensures uninterrupted access.

Recognition analytics.

Automatically detects poor audio input and alerts the user with advice to remedy the situation and ensure high-accuracy results.



Through deep learning technology and sophisticated acoustic models based on the unique way clinicians speak, Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 puts Nuance’s leading artificial intelligence (AI)-powered technology in the hands of busy clinicians in independent practices. Increased documentation efficiency allows for more time with patients, improved quality to better inform care teams and staff, decreased turnaround time and increased cost savings.


Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 is an easy-to-install, easy-to-use documentation solution that enables enhanced clinician productivity within practices of 24 clinicians or fewer though quick creation of accurate patient notes to help keep pace with patient loads and better manage practice throughput. Distinct from non-medical speech recognition solutions, this latest edition combines state-of-the-art speech recognition technology with 90 medical vocabularies and sophisticated acoustic models to yield 99 percent accuracy out-of-the-box, with no need for voice profile training.


In addition to a streamlined setup, Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 offers contextual guidance and productivity tips tailored to clinician usage that helps accelerate proficiency and discover advanced features. Its deep learning technology continuously learns and adapts to voice and environmental variations, helping automatically refine performance. These capabilities are especially helpful in addressing the unique challenges facing smaller ambulatory clinics, such as administrative overload, revenue pressures and regulation demands.


“The outstanding performance of Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 is a culmination of decades of Nuance’s innovation in AI,” said Michael Clark, senior vice president and general manager of Nuance Healthcare Provider Solutions. “By applying machine learning to real-time document capture, we are helping address the challenges of smaller ambulatory clinics to transform the documentation process, and improve both the clinician experience and patient care.”

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 incorporates rigorous security features to support HIPAA compliance efforts for protecting patient security and confidentiality, while allowing healthcare providers to create narrative documentation directly in EHR fields three times faster and more accurately than ever before. Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 allows clinicians to spend less time documenting and more time with patients, all while decreasing documentation costs and driving appropriate reimbursement.

“With state-of-the-art documentation technology designed for healthcare professionals, Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 brings AI to smaller clinics at an affordable price,” said Mike Whalen, Executive Vice President of eDist Business, a leading wholesale distributor of speech recognition solutions for healthcare and other industries. “It will bring improved accuracy and functionality to our market as well as improved clinician productivity, EHR adoption and documentation quality. The significant financial benefits are critical to practice viability.”


Recommended System Requirements:

  • CPU: Intel Dual Core or equivalent AMD processor. Fatser processors yield faster performance.
  • Free hard disk space: 4 GB
  • RAM: Minimum 4 GB
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 or higher, or the current versionm of Chrome.

Supported Operating Systems:

  • Operating systems:
    Windows 10
    Windows 8.1
    Windows 7
    Windows Server 2012, 64bit
    Windows Server 2008 R2, SP2 or higher, 64bit