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Olympus DR-2300 with Bar Code Option



Olympus DR-2300 Bar Code Microphone with Slide Switch Design and Optional Bar Code Scanning

Windows and Mac compatible Microphone. Programmable for Dragon NaturallySpeaking.



Olympus DR-2300 with Bar Code Option

Low Price Guarantee

This is the newest generation of Speech recognition microphone from class leader, Olympus.  Based on the Olympus belief that products should be “simple, reliable, flexible and secure”, it is sue to be a hit with Dragon NaturallySpeaking Users.

The medical field has already embraced Olympus as it’s primary dictation equipment, so the Olympus DR-2300 Slide Switch Microphone with Bar Code Option will integrate seamlessly into DSS Player Pro user’s daily workflow.

Whether used as a direct dictation device, or as a USB microphone with Dragon Professional, Legal or Medical, the Olympus DR-2300 Slide Switch Microphone with Bar Code Option is at the top of the heap.

The Olympus DR-2300 with Bar Code Option features bar code scanner support to provide, simple, secure workflow.  Enable automatic allocation of voice files to client, case, or patient records.


Barcode Scanner Support

Provides the most secure and efficient workflow enabling automatic allocation of voice files to client, case or patient records.


The quiet and easy-to-use slide switch results in high performance, comfort and increased productivity.


Five programmable buttons and their respective functions can be customized to suit particular program settings for a variety of purposes, recording conditions, and user environments.


The low-noise directional microphone blocks unwanted background noises, guaranteeing ultra-clear dictation recordings. Great for use with speech recognition software. The microphone sensitivity can be set at +6 or +18 dB, ideal for the busy office setting.


A durable trackball offers even more intuitive, one-handed operation and will withstand normal wear and tear.


Register an ID directly in the Olympus DR-2300 with Bar Code Option and automatically have it used as part of the file naming convention for all created dictations.

5 Programmable buttons

Allows for customization of the designated buttons to suit any recording condition or environment.

Direct Recording to PC or MAC

The Olympus DR-2300 with Bar Code Option is compatible with WinXP Service Pack 3, 2K, Windows Vista Ultimate/Enterprise/Business Service Pack 1 (32bit/64bit), Windows 7 Ultimate & Professional, Windows 8 (32 bit/64bit) and MAC OS 10.4.11 – and newer systems.

Play back volume control

Recordings can be played back, without the need for specialty drives, using the integrated, powerful built-in speaker for high-quality acoustic playback.

3 color LED (Red, Green, Blue)

A triple-color LED shows the current recording status

Improved SDK for system integrators

Optimized software development kit for system integrators.

Overall Frequency Response


Microphone Sensitivity


Microphone Sensitivity difference

Variable or 0/+6/+18dB (Selectable from SDK)

Maximum Output


Microphone/Speaker diameter


Input Level


Cord Length

98.4 inch (2.5m)


6.1×1.8×1.2 inch (154×44.6×31.6 mm)


7.1ox (201g)

Voice Recognition Compatible


SC-1 Barcode Scanner Compatible


Dragon® Certified

Highest Dragon Rating

Main Recording Controls

Precise Slide Switch

Supported Computer Operating Systems

Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8)
Mac OS X (10.4.11-10.8)

Central Management


Configuration/Customization Software

Device Configuration Manager
Software Development Kit
RecMic Administration Center

RecMic DR-2300

Warranty Card

Instruction Manual

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