The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ recent announcement that it
will provide $12 million to help rural and small hospitals invest in health IT
demonstrates the need for technology among such organizations.

Nuance, the industry leader in speech recognition software and technology,
has realized this and tailored its products accordingly. Dragon Medical Small
Practice 10.1
is the vendor’s latest offering developed specifically with small
healthcare organizations in mind.

Small practices need to be aware, however that Dragon Medical Small Practice differs from the Dragon Medical 10.1 Full version significantly, in that you cannot dictate directly into many Electronic Medical Record applications with Small Practice.  For that use, the full version of Dragon Medical 10.1 would be required.

For small practices, the Nuance software has all one needs in a speech
recognition software
. It can help doctors increase accuracy and efficiency, with its 15 pre-configured medical specialty vocabularies and
the ability to automatically transform audio files to text when recorded with a high quality digital recorder such as the Olympus DS-5000.

Version 10 of Dragon Medical Small Practice is also 20 percent more accurate
than version 9 and is supported by a wide range of web browsers to accommodate
just about any doctor’s personal preferences.

Further information and videos of Dragon in use are available on the American Speech Solutions website.