For transcription professionals, the right software can mean the difference
between meeting this demand or getting buried in a pile of audio files waiting
to be transcribed.

The nationwide push for healthcare organizations to become more efficient is
causing many to outsource their transcription needs to a service or third-party
vendor. However, the Philips 7277 SpeechExec Pro Transcription Kit can help
professionals deal with such a heavy workload.

The solution gives the user a clear view of all pending transcription jobs.
By providing job notifications and information on pending jobs, such as length,
author name, keywords and priority status, documents can be created more quickly
and with better accuracy. A visual workflow management format also allows
documents to be transcribed in order of preference and priority through the use
of numerous sort and filter options.

Speech recognition support allows for further efficiency increases, freeing
the transcriptionist from having to use the keyboard to type the entire document.

Even the process for sending back transcribed files is made easier, as the
software supports the transfer of documents through networks, email and