Any digital voice recorder on the market can capture audio, but only those
designed especially for enterprise digital dictation contain all the features
necessary to boost productivity and time efficiency.

One such specially designed digital voice recorder is the Philips DPM 9600
Digital Pocket Memo. Without a doubt, the device was designed with the
enterprise user specifically in mind.

One example of this is the four-position slide switch. Not only does it make
for one-handed dictation, but it also accommodates users who formerly dealt with
a microcassette recorder. Use of the slide switch is easy to learn, ensuring no
productivity is lost when making the switch to a digital voice recorder.

The DPM 9600 also comes with a docking station that makes charging and
downloading audio files easy and painless.  Once the recorder is docked, files can be automatically downloaded and sent via network mapping, e-mail or FTP (File Transfer Protocol).

And for those professionals who require their files to be protected, such as
lawyers and doctors, the device also features file encryption to prevent
unauthorized access to dictations.