With the help of speech recognition software, no longer do certain injuries
and conditions have to affect the productivity of office employees

Carpal tunnel syndrome is one such condition that is common among workers
whose responsibilities are reliant on typing with computers. Excessive typing
can swell tendons in the wrist, compressing the median nerve and causing pain.
In extreme cases, the pain is so severe that typing at a normal rate is near

Speech recognition software, such as Nuance’s Dragon NaturallySpeaking  frees the user from having to use the keyboard,
instead relying on voice commands. Since most people speak much faster than they
type – speaking 120 words per minute compared to typing 40 words per minute,
according to industry leader Nuance – speech recognition may cause these
employees to become more productive.

Software and tools needed to deploy speech recognition and digital dictation
are available at American Speech Solutions, the speech recognition subsidiary of American Dictation Corp.  The site also contains all the necessary
information and expertise that will assist a company or organization in any
industry become more productive with speech recognition and digital dictation