Mac computer users that previously struggled with speech recognition received
a much needed boost last year, when industry leader Nuance acquired the
MacSpeech software in February.

Since the subsequent release of Dragon Dictate for Mac, users of Mac
computers have been able to enjoy the same enhanced software that PC users have
taken advantage of for years. Developed specifically for the Mac OS X Snow
Leopard operating system, the software allows Mac users to be more productive
than ever before.

Dragon Dictate for Mac has many of the same features of its PC counterpart.
It is 99 percent accurate and automatically corrects typos, making misspellings
a thing of the past for speech recognition users.

And the solution’s capabilities are compounded when combined with Mac OS X’s
powerful text-to-speech function. It allows users to proofread dictation
sessions by hearing the text spoken aloud, which is always preferable to simply
re-reading text.

The software is also fully customizable, letting users create new voice
commands that can be used to control Mac applications. They can also set up
so-called voice-triggered workflows through AppleScript or Automator.

Dragon Dictate as well as MacSpeech Medical and Legal are available at  American Dictation Corp. a national leader in dictation, transcription and speech recognition technologies.