Unless you work in a law firm, legal jargon isn’t normally used in everyday
life, as the language is often considered to be in a league of its own. In fact,
students entering law school are normally told to bring a legal dictionary with
them at all times. This is why speech recognition software for lawyers specifically tailored
for the legal field is integral for efficient transcription.

Programs like the Dragon Naturally Speaking Legal Version 11 can be a great addition to
any firm. According to Lawyer Tech Review, the system benefits not only lawyers
but also their assistants because of the direct transcription that Naturally
Speaking offers. Secretaries can easily go back to the text and proofread along
with the recorded audio.

Of course, the best thing about this system is
that it was made with the law firm in mind. Errors are avoided when a lawyer
dictates language that regular speech recognition software may not be able to
understand, the news outlet adds. The automatic transcription also eliminates
the task of setting up your computer for the transcription process. All you have
to do is speak into the microphone and Dragon does everything else for you.

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