Speech To Text

Instant transcripts

Convert your words to transcripts automatically using speech recognition

faster than typing

Save time by speaking instead of typing

Real time upload

Transcribe as you speak or upload audio files for automated transcription

How It Works

Record And Upload

Record audio directly in the web recorder or with our smartphone app, or upload existing recordings from a voice recorder

Convert To Text

Convert your voice to text in real-time while you speak or send a recorded file to automated speech recognition.


Share And Export

Share the transcript with your team or export the text.


Affordable And Accurate

Philips SpeechLive speech to text is our most affordable speech recognition

option without compromising on quality.


On-screen speech to text

Edit transcripts in real-time using our Web recorder.


Multilingual capabilities

Transcribe text in up to 17 languages and variants with SpeechLive’s recognition technology.


Custom vocabulary

Add up to 4,500 words or phrases that are likely to be spoken such as company-specific terminology.


Up to 95% accuracy

Get highly accurate results through our advanced speech recognition software.


Fast turnaround time

Convert your voice to text either in real-time or within minutes when you use pre-recorded audio files.


Voice command

Use voice commands to insert paragraphs, punctuation marks, and special characters.​


Take the first step towards converting your speech to text with our super easy to use powerful software.