Technology these days is becoming a major player in how companies cut

The mobile workforce, for example, is a result of the ability of employees to
work wherever they choose – all they need is access to a broadband connection
and their tasks are completed at the same rate as if they were in an office (or
even faster when you cut commuting time out of the equation). This remote
movement saves companies money, from the electric bills to the office supplies
and rental space.

At the same time, videoconferencing allows businesses to connect to clients
and other staff members, cutting travel expenses and accelerating the
decision-making process.  With instant messaging, there is not wait time for people stuck in traffic.

Speech recognition software is also a useful tool in the workplace. This tool
can increase the productivity of employees, saving users a great amount of time
that they can use for other responsibilities. Professionals in the legal and
medical fields can also completely skip the transcription process and dictate
directly onto a computer that will do automatically transform their audio data
into text.  People speak at a faster rate than they can type.  Producing documents have never been so fast.