The process of implementing electronic medical records may begin with doctors
utilizing digital dictation to document the patient-healthcare professional
encounter. A recent report from transcription service provider TransDynes
identifies several tips for healthcare professionals to follow to make the
process as efficient as possible.

First, the report states it is important for doctors to be familiar with the
recording equipment. They should utilize digital voice recorders and software
they are comfortable with to increase the speed of the process.

Doctors must also be confident when dictating, the report advises. The
thought of speaking out loud for a recording is frightening for some, but
confidence in dictation will keep the thoughts clear and avoid the words coming
out garbled and awkward.

Finally, doctors need to find a dictating rhythm that is neither too fast nor
too slow, according to the report. Going too fast may cause more errors when
transcribing the dictation. And being too slow may cause the mind of whoever is
transcribing to wander, the report warns.

More tips and expertise for getting the most out of a digital dictation
platform can be found at American Dictation Corp. The website is also a leading
provider of tools and software for both digital dictation and speech