It used to be that certain employees or organization board members were
tasked with taking handwritten notes of meetings to document the issues and
topics discussed. But this no longer has to be the case with digital dictation
and transcription technologies.

No more does a note taker have to spend a meeting scribbling wildly while
fighting off hand cramps and dried out pens. By utilizing tools, such as digital
voice recorders and transcription, companies and organizations can streamline
their meeting documentation process, while ensuring 100 percent accuracy as
hand-written notes are of illegible.

But there are certain guidelines to follow. A digital voice recorder must be
placed where it can pick up all conversations clearly.  Attaching a high-quality
microphone or two can also boost sound quality, making the life of whoever transcribes
the notes much easier. Better sound quality translates into higher accuracy.

Low-end microphones may pickup background noises, causing the important
information to be inaudible.

If you have more than six or so meeting participants, or need a high quality recording for accurate transcription of minutes or complete meetings, you should look at a professional recording solution.

An affordable, high quality and portable solution is the Philips 955 conference kit.   We have sold more of these over the years than just about anybody else, and have found the quality , convenience and ease of use to be unsurpassed. 

Add the Philips 7277 professional transcription kit, and you have a formidable meeting recording and transcribing system that is portable, durable and simple. 

Click here to view our video on the features and use of the 955.