Recording audio with a digital voice recorder is the easy part of the dictation/transcription process. Unfortunately, you or your transcriptionist will have to take all of that data and turn it into text. Transcription can be easier with the Olympus AS-5000 transcription kit.  .

The included Olympus DSS Player Pro software automatically transfers dictation files to you via your  network , email or our secure FTP server. The software then clearly organizes your data.  It also gives you the ability to prioritize your documents in order of importance. The program also enables you to view any relevant information about each file, including its length, name, date dictated, etc.

The software also boast some incredible features, such as the ability to pay back almost any audio file format such as .wav, .wma, .dss and the new .ds2.  It also can convert files from one audio format to another, split and rejoin large voice files and automatically purge files once they are marked finished.

Easily the most impressive feature, however is the DSS Player Pro ‘s ability to integrate seamlessly with Dragon NaturallySpeaking  voice recognition programs.  If you have Dragon Medical, Legal, or Professional, just choose a voice file, put your cursor in your preferred word processing program and watch the voice file be converted to text in front of your eyes.

The digital transcription system also includes ergonomically designed hardware to complement the powerful software. The foot control can help you or your transcriptionist easily play, stop rewind and fast forward, and can customize as to which button performs which action.  In addition, the winding speed and auto setback are easily configured to match your needs.   The  comfortable stereo headsets will give you professional quality sound for an
easier text translation.

Integrating the Olympus AS 5000 transcription kit will immediately increase your productivity.  Adding Dragon voice to text software along with it will push those gains to a whole new level. Transcription can be easier when you know how.

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