A Pennsylvania-based medical transcription service is reaching out to
orthopedic surgeons in small physician practices, medical clinics and regional
hospitals through a new website.

Clear Choice Transcription, which specializes in services for orthopedic
medical professionals, is targeting small practices and hospitals nationwide so
these organizations can realize the benefits of digital dictation and medical

“These include fast, accurate documentation that improves intra-practice
communication, healthcare outcomes as well as billing and insurance claims
processing,” president and CEO Terri Davis said.

Clear Choice focuses on a client base of private practices, medical clients
and centers and regional hospitals. The company said the new website will make
it easier for these small organizations to deploy digital dictation

Outsourced transcription offers organizations inexpensive services, with fast
turnaround times, record for accuracy and easy integration with any electronic
medical records to ensure HIPAA compliance.

Healthcare and organizations in numerous other industries can also learn
about the benefits of digital dictation from this information page at American Dictation Corp.  The website also offers all the software and tools
necessary to deploy a dictation platform.