Magazine, newspaper feature writers and non-fiction authors can spend hours
interviewing subjects and conducting research before even starting to write
their pieces. Many will use a digital voice recorder to ensure they accurately
portray these conversations.

But going back through all the interviews and digital notes is a
time-consuming and tedious task to face when working on a deadline. By using
transcription software, these writers can quickly and easily transfer all the
necessary information from digital to text format.

With transcription software, writers don’t have to go back through the
interviews and manually transcribe quotes, a task that can easily double the
workload for a story or project.

Professional transcription platforms allow users to control the playback of
an audio file with a footswitch for hands-free rewinding, fast forwarding and
pausing. Many also include an audio headset, so the user can clearly hear the
audio he or she is transcribing. And a file is easily transferable once entered
into the system.

There are several options for high quality transcription kits that can playback most audio file formats, including .mp3, .wav, .wma, .dss, and .ds2,.

Our best sellers are the Olympus AS-5000, shown below:


And the Philips 7277 Professional Kit:


Both are professional products and as such, are always in stock, eligible for free shipping, and carry lifetime support with American Dictation Corp.