Back in the analog world, tapes were needed in order to capture voice
recordings. Today, not only can data be transmitted and enhanced digitally, it
can also be transformed into text through speech recognition programs. This is
made possible due to the advancements in voice recording devices like that of
the Grundig Digta 420.

As the leading purveyor of German digital dictation machines, Grundig is
taking the American market by storm, providing only the best when it comes to
voice recording hardware. Its partnership with Olympus and Philips enables
Grundig to implement the standard DSS Pro audio format onto its flagship Digta
420 device.
The professional tool, whether used in the medical or legal fields,
also provides its users with several features, including up to 20 hours of voice
recording and a USB interface, making it convenient to transfer files into a

Digta 420’s PC compatibility makes it the perfect complement to any speech
recognition applications such as the suite of Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking programs.
Its compact size is also a benefit, allowing you to take it anywhere you want,
from your office or clinic, to your home.