Digital voice recorders can provide a productivity boost to just about any
industry, as long as certain steps are taken to ensure the best possible

Reporters commonly use voice recorders to document interviews, but the
devices are also perfect for doctors and lawyers dictating notes, law
enforcement officials recording interviews with witnesses and many other uses.
But the technology isn’t foolproof.

Of course, complete silence is the best environment for a recorder, but
that’s not always possible. Creating some sort of white noise, a fan works well,
can help eliminate static that can ruin a recording.

Also, many voice recorders have varying settings that can help or hinder
sound quality. Users must ensure their recorders are set up for the best
possible quality. Settings that allow for long-term recording often result in
poor quality.

Finally, be sure to conduct a sound check. Listening to a test recording
allows the user to make any necessary adjustments to get the most out of a

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