Professionals in both the legal and medical fields understand that just like
their pens, voice recording devices are crucial in order to get the job

Doctors for example, use these gadgets to record important notes pertaining
to patient diagnoses and medications. This also makes the job easier for
, who are given the task of transferring audio files into a usable document. People in such positions can then use medical speech recognition
to translate the data into text as opposed to deciphering illegible

This task is made even simpler with the Grundig CordEx Wireless Microphone,
which directly transmits recorded data onto a computer to be transformed into text. . Because it is wireless, the device is ideal for those who walk around
during the bulk of their day.


The ergonomic design makes it not only easy to use but also nice to look at.
At the same time, the product comes equipped with a high-capacity rechargeable
battery, giving professionals the opportunity to speak into the device as long
they desire.

Importantly, the Grundig CordEx has been tested to be among the handheld microphones with the highest accuracy when used with Nuance’s suite of Dragon NaturallySpeaking speech recognition products.

The wireless microphone also boast an internal memory to buffer your speech, should your computer lag, a common occurrence when using resource heavy speech recognition software.

And yes, this article was written using the Grundig CordEx along with Dragon Professional 11.