Sometimes, professionals have the need to move about while using Dragon NaturallySpeaking software.  Whether accessing a client record in a file cabinet, or shuffling through paperwork on a desk, freedom of movement can be critical to productivity.

Grundig CordEx wireless microphone
allows for the task to be carried out efficiently, while
still maintaining accuracy that is among the industries best.


The microphone also features internal memory for buffering voice data, and has the availability to connect a foot pedal for hands free operation.

Grundig’s device features a four-step slide switch with what the company
calls intuitive operation for easy use. That feature can be key for speech recognition users who need to conduct a session without having to look at the microphone to verify recording status.

And, of course, long sessions aren’t a problem with the CordEx’s rechargeable
battery, which can be charged while the microphone is stored in its dock.  The battery life is rated at 8 hours of actual recording time for the most demanding user.

The CordEx, Dragon NaturallySpeaking software and all peripherals are always available at American Speech Solutions, a division of American Dictation Corp.