Digital dictation can improve patient safety

Safety and accuracy are at their most critical in medical environments. For this reason and many more, hospitals are continually seeking ways to reduce patient information errors and maintain airtight record-keeping. Digital dictation technology has proved especially useful to medical professionals, who are streamlining their intake procedures and reducing error rates by transitioning to paperless methods.

The Canberra Hospital in Australia was one such establishment to see improved results thanks to their digital information systems, according to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

"One of the issues in hospital[s] is errors - either in understanding some of the data or in prescribing or giving the wrong medication," Health Minister Katy Gallagher told the news source. "It's [about] collecting all that clinical data, making sure our systems are as safe as they can be but also providing that information very quickly to all of the staff that work here."

Medical digital dictation solutions, such as those available from American Dictation, provide comprehensive online HIPAA compliant file transfer and management systems to help hospitals and clinics stay at the forefront of the industry.

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