Professional Solutions

Professional Solutions

At American Dictation, we are professionals just like you. We understand the need for efficiency, reliability, simplicity and performance. That’s why we only offer professional-grade equipment and software that performs as it should. Combined with our superb technical support and installation services, you can be assured of getting more than you paid for.

Handheld Dictation

Handheld DictationFor maximum portability, consider using a professional digital voice recorder from Olympus, and Philips. Not only are they designed to make the transition from tape effortless, they include software that helps you quickly dispatch your dictation files to the appropriate transcriptionist. Some models include built-in security to protect confidentiality.

Handheld Dictation Solutions

Desktop Dictation Microphone

Desktop dictation microphones

If you are at all serious about using speech recognition, stop here. You need a professional grade microphone designed for maximum accuracy and productivity. Options are the Philips or Olympus desktop microphones. Many feature integrated mouse control to speed through your documents with ease.

Desktop Dictation Solutions

Telephone Dictation

Telephone DictationWant to dictate from anywhere? Our telephone dictation systems give you instant phone-in capability right to your transcriptionist’s desktop. Designed to be nearly indestructible, your typist can be a phone call away, no matter where you are.

Telephone Dictation Solutions

Conference Recording

Conference RecordingWhen it comes to capturing every spoken word in a meeting, conference or large gathering, having the ideal professional solution can mean the difference between accuracy and confusion. Our professional conference recording solutions from Olympus, Philips and NovusGear meets the challenge.

Conference Recording Solutions



Now that you have the recorded dictation, now what? Give your transcriptionist the best tools for converting your all-important dictation to final printed form with the proper professional gear. We have the full suite of Olympus, and Philips transcription systems.

Transcription Solutions

Speech Recognition

Speech RecognitionWhether you’re using a PC or a Mac, American Dictation can help you increase transcription efficiency by 70% or more by using voice recognition software from industry heavyweight, Nuance.

Dictate directly into your computer, or let your transcriptionist process your dictation, increasing turnaround time and decreasing workplace-related repetition injuries.

Speech Recognition Solutions

Olympus DSS Player Pro Software

Olympus DSS Player Pro SoftwareIncluded with all Professional Olympus recorders and transcription kits, the DSS Player Pro software which is now known as ODMS (Olympus Dictation Management Software) , has evolved to be a reliable and versatile tool for sending voice files and documents securing between dictator and transcriptionist. Includes encryption for protecting client confidentiality.

Olympus DSS Player Pro Software

Philips SpeechExec Pro Software

Philips SpeechExec Pro Software

When you purchase a Professional Philips Digital Pocket Memo, SpeechMike, or Transcription Kit, you get the most flexible software system devised by Philips, a world leader in dictation. Multiple routing configurations, sort/filter capabilities and more give your staff control over your dictation files.

Philips SpeechExec Pro Software

Macintosh Dictation Solutions

Macintosh Dictation SolutionsWe like Macs. In fact, we’re about the only leading digital dictation dealer in the country that has in-depth technical knowledge about the Macintosh platform, having used Macs since 1985. We have created a special section just to help you learn how you can use professional dictation solutions on today’s Macintosh computers.

Special Solutions

In addition to product categories and brands, we have assembled recommendations for various professions based on the feedback and success we have with thousands of customers across the USA:

Helpful Information

Guide to Digital Dictation

To help you navigate the terms and concepts of the digital dictation realm, we have a highly acclaimed guide, free for your download.

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Installation and Training Services

To help you get up and running as quickly as possible, all PRO products designated in this section are eligible for free installation, configuration, and training.

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Government and Education Purchases

For years, the folks at American Dictation have taken pride in helping federal, state and local governments, and educational institutions enjoy the benefits of digital voice recording technology at special prices.

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