Law Enforcement Solutions

Law Enforcement Solutions

Whether documenting a traffic stop or recording an interrogation, having an accurate recording of the event could mean the difference between a conviction or a walk. Reliability, convenience, and security are tops on the list when considering the voice recording tools for those who keep the peace.

Chain of Evidence

High-fidelity recording is not always enough. Protecting the recording against alterations and changes in the field means that your recording can stand up in court. For that reason, many of our law enforcement customers choose recorders that do not have in-recorder editing capabilities. Our selection of Voice & Music recorders, for example, are ideal choices since they offer lightweight design, high capacities, low costs and “record-once” features.

Interviews and Interrogations

When interviewing suspects, it is often a challenge to capture voices clearly enough for accurate transcription. Many people mumble and used tapes can often diminish fidelity while adding artifacts from previous recordings. Digital conference recording systems from American Dictation can help eliminate these concerns while giving your investigators portability and easy use.

Accuracy is the Key

Once a recording is made, transcribing the voices into usable transcripts requires a professional transcription kit with the tools to help the transcriptionists understand each spoken utterance and nuance. Two-channel transcription kits allow the transcriptionist to isolate one of the stereo channels used in an interview in order to better hear a particular speaker.

Dragon Law Enforcement

As law enforcement professionals, the communities and lives you protect are precious, and so is your time.

Every minute spent on paperwork means less time spent with the public you protect. With police officers needing at least an hour to type a single incident report, and police sergeants spending nearly half of their day on paperwork, these necessary tasks can mean hours tied to a desk, away from the communities you serve.

Dragon Law Enforcement is the first professional productivity solution designed specifically for law enforcement professionals. With Dragon Law Enforcement you can quickly streamline your data entry into records management systems (RMS) with up to 99% accuracy. Allowing you to document and dictate reports in real-time, while giving officers the ability to create more detailed and accurate reports.

Dragon Law Enforcement Streamlines the Reporting Process

  • Improve mobile documentation with Dragon Anywhere Group, using your iOS or Android device
  • Save money by reducing reliance on third-party transcription services
  • Reduce need for use of the mobile data terminal (MDT) keyboard while on patrol
  • Enjoy easy central management on multiple desktops with the Nuance® Management Center
  • Use your voice to easily and safely conduct tasks like license plate and arrest look-ups – hands-free

In addition to enhancing efficiency, Dragon® Law Enforcement meets the appeal by the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) to police departments across the country to demand speech recognition solutions. This reflects how Dragon Law Enforcement improves safety in the field, as you remain alert while issuing any needed commands by voice. And, with the ability to create reports three times faster than typing, the time saved is significant, allowing you to spend yours where it belongs, with your community.