Experts agree that the future lies in speech recognition technology

Speech recognition technology has grown by leaps and bounds since its inception, and today, many devices are more capable than ever of picking up on the nuances of human speech. As they look ahead to the future, many experts agree that the future of information systems lies in our ability to perfect our speech recognition technology.

"Speech is another part of the accessibility and ubiquity story of being able to input information on any device," Google Research Scientist Vincent Vanhoucke told Mashable. Vanhoucke argued that though speech will never fully substitute touchscreens and keyboards, it is the obvious solution for those who need to connect to their information while they're driving or on the go.

Google is one of many companies that have perfected speech recognition software to allow for complex functions such as texting, calling and producing error-free dictation records, freeing hands of the need to type and edit.

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