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Free Dictation Apps - A smart review

American Dictation is a provider of sales and support for all manner of dictation, transcription and speech recognition solutions for organizations of all sizes.  I regularly scour the internet forums and the app store for dictation apps.  I have seen some Free Dictation Apps,  but they seem to lack features that are needed in today's business world.  Others have added costs for increased functionality.

To date, I have found none that compare to the professional mobile application from Olympus.  Most of us who dictate expect some form of security for our sensitive files.  Simply sending them off into the "cloud" seems extraordinarily risky without knowing exactly what security measures are taken.  Encryption may be non existent, and furthermore, what kind of testing can possibly be done for an app that is given away for free?

Many free apps I have tested have an unfamiliar "clunky" user interface that brings productivity to a crawl.  Not ideal when the very purpose of mobile dictation is to streamline your workflow.

When using your smart phone for dictation, I have found that they are best suited for quick dictations where turnaround time is important.  The Olympus dictation app will seamlessly integrate with your existing dictation / transcription workflow, and is an incredible bargain at just over $8 per month.

Dictated voice files are encrypted which makes them safe for e-mail or FTP transfer directly to your typist or secretary.  The files can even be routed through many speech recognition programs where they are automatically converted to text.

Audio quality is not forgotten as Olympus includes features such as custom microphone settings and voice activation, as well as recording in the industry leading .dss and .ds2 formats.

What I have found to be the biggest deal breaker in using the Free Dictation Apps is actually the most important. Support!  What do you do if you are having issues setting up your app?  What if dictations do not arrive?  How much of your time are you willing to spend frustrated and non productive to save  just $8?

At American Dictation, we believe that our industry leading setup and support services are the foundation for a successful product integration.  Call us at 1-866-408-1383 to see how we can help you.

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