I need a new micro cassette recorder

I need a new micro cassette recorder

We get thousands of queries to our site and almost as many calls from people who have been using tape based dictation recorders, or Dictaphones, and find themselves in need of a replacement.

A typical call is as follows:

Them- “Hi, I need a new Dictaphone for my boss who refuses to learn new things.”

Us- “While we do have a manufacturer still making micro-cassette recorders, we highly recommend digital over analog.”

Them- “My boss has been using tapes for twenty years and will not switch over”

What is really happening here is that the caller is simply afraid of change and the reaction it will bring about from their doctor, lawyer or boss if they do not like the new technology. This is a foolhardy approach to replacing your broken or worn out dictation equipment for many reasons.

Firstly, the tape based systems manufactured today are a long way off in quality and features than they used to be. Think no door hinges, no counters and flimsier build. This is not the manufacturer trying to take advantage of you – it is a result of the complete inaccessibility of the parts needed to build a quality unit. Why would a company manufacture tape counters to only sell a few thousand of them when they can manufacture digital recorders or memory cards and sell millions?

Next up is price. We all know the laws of supply and demand. If there is a low supply of a commodity, and pent up demand, prices will rise. We now have a situation where the lower quality, outdated technology is oftentimes more expensive that the current digital dictation machines. Would you pay more for a first generation portable cell phone complete with luggage sized battery pack or for a current smartphone with the world at your fingertips that slides into your pocket?

Perhaps most importantly is the fact that the current digital dictation technology is designed to mimic the ergonomics and functions of the tape recorder. The user has an incredibly short learning curve. Can you slide a switch up and dictate? If you answered yes, then you can use digital dictation technology with ease. We call it “talk and dock” Simply dictate to your hearts content and drop the recorder in the docking cradle. Everything from that point forward is automated.

Voice files are downloaded, the recorder is cleaned, the files are encrypted and sent via FTP or network mapping, and you are ready to start again.

The final nail in the coffin for the argument that you should keep your tape system on life support is that not only do we sell at the lowest allowed prices; we install, configure, and train the users.-FOR FREE. Not enough? American Dictation provides lifetime technical support for our professional dictation products and our tech is in Massachusetts, not some overseas voice mail jail system. Dictation didn’t send- call us, have a question on a feature- call us. It really is that simple.

So what is the best system? From years of experience, it is clear that our medical and professional users seem to prefer Olympus.

Olympus TS-7000

The legal community gravitates toward Philips. In our eyes, they are both incredible systems worthy of consideration.

Philips TS-8000

Call us today for a free consultation with a real person to see what system best fits your needs.


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