Leading law firms streamline workflow with Dragon Legal NaturallySpeaking

Many law firms are joining the ranks of professionals who are maximizing their efficiency with professional speech recognition software.  We have found that using Dragon Legal in conjunction with a specialized voice recorder such as the Philips DPM800 can reduce the typing burden on legal secretaries by 70-80%. Also, discovered that you will improve turn around time from dictation to document.

Legal speech recognition software is flexible, efficient and accurate, making it extremely helpful to law firms in which administrative assistants must tackle high volumes of typing. Because average users speak approximately 140 words per minute, but can type only 50, digital dictation software truly maximizes efficiency. When speech recognition software is involved, professionals can direct more of their attention to other functions, such as customer service and organizational duties.

Law professionals looking to usher in a new era of technological speed at their firms should consider implementing the Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12 Legal. The new version performs at a rate of 15 percent fewer errors than before, allowing legal professionals to easily draw up contracts, briefs and court documents with speed and accuracy.

For a quick overview and explanation of how Dragon can improve your day, give Paul or Scott a call at American Dictation Corp. 1-866-408-1383.

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