Philips Announces New DPM8000 Digital Dictation Device

Philips today announced the release of the DPM8000 Digital Dictation recorder.

The newest dictation recorder from Philips is at the cutting edge of voice recording technology.  Boasting its breakthrough 3D microphone technology, Philips  delivers the best audio reproduction regardless of setting.  The recorder can be set to dictation mode, using an extremely high quality directional microphone, perfectly suited to speech recognition integration. It can also be set to conference, using omni-directional (360 degree) recording.

The full color screen has the highest resolution of any available dictation machine, and has the unique ability to switch views to "classic mode" which perfectly mirrors analog tape recorders that many users still love for their simplicity.  It has the looks and feels of tape recorder.  If you have been reluctant to make the switch from micro-cassette, hesitate no more!

The durable brushed stainless steel finish is sure to be the envy of the courtroom or hospital, while the asymmetrical design is ergonomically close to perfection.

The recorder also features a built in motion sensor. This new technology senses whether the device is stationary, on a desk or works surface, or in motion, in your hand.  It uses this information to automatically choose the microphone sensitivity for optimal recording.  No longer is there a need to switch between microphone settings. Its all done for you, automatically and effortlessly.

The Philips DPM8000 includes a docking cradle, rechargeable battery and the latest version of the Philips SpeechExec Pro software for dictation workflow management.

As always, American Dictation provides free remote installation and lifetime technical  support to all of our customers.  Call us today at 1-866-408-1383 for free advise, or additional information.

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