Remote transcription solutions help workers keep up in a digital world

With much of the workforce increasingly going mobile, it follows that technology would adapt to meet the needs that this situation creates. Now, more than ever, professional transcriptionists can succeed as remote workers thanks to advanced remote transcription solutions.

Transcriptionists working from home can enjoy the ease and efficiency offered to them by remote transcription products from American Dictation. These systems can receive encrypted voice files from another computer, so workers will always be connected to their colleagues and won't be pressed by the need to drive to pick up tapes or documents.  Files will be delivered electronically, fast and securely.

The newest addition to the line is the Olympus AS-7000 Transcription Kit.

The AS-7000 which replaces the popular Olympus AS-5000 can automatically receive voice files via secure FTP or e-mail.  When voice files arrive to the transcriptionist's inbox, they are automatically downloaded to the software, and a notification pops up alerting the typist of their arrival.  The typist can sort files by author, date created and priority.

These new transcription kits fit the needs of firms and clinics seeking increased productivity and profitability and those of workers seeking flexibility and 24 hour access to work. No longer a  typist has to go pick up work.  Its all sent conveniently.

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