Speech Recognition Software is reducing patient wait times

Those who work in the medical industry know what it means to be crunched for time. Patient intake, record-keeping and data management are all time-consuming processes. However, if they’re not performed with care or due attention, these tasks they can significantly undermine the center's functionality and even endanger the well being of a practice’s patients. Those in these fields can benefit from Speech Recognition Software program.

Fortunately, many practices and clinics are riding the wave of the future by implementing the latest speech recognition technology. Using the right tools will benefit both medical professionals and patients alike.

Of the technology systems available on the market for use the medical industry, Nuance Dragon Medical Practice Edition is one of the top choices for healthcare professionals who wish to have instantaneous access to complete clinical records at a fraction of the cost of manual transcription. Additionally, it's compatible with both Microsoft Office programs as well as Windows-based Electronic Medical Records applications.

The product, which is intended for use in practices with 24 physicians or fewer, allows hospitals to reliably streamline their patient administration systems, electronic patient record systems and patient letters systems, as well as interface information systems.

As we get used to voice technology by using some of the consumer based applications out there, such as Apple's Siri, the adoption rate and acceptance of professional speech recognition products will continue to increase, states Paul Ross, of American Dictation Corp. Moreover, as the software improves, speech recognition software will be part of your life.  Give us a call with any of your questions.

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