Solutions for the Transcriptionist

Digital Transcription Solutions

American Dictation was created to help relatives convert their transcription practices from analog tapes to digital dictation. We have transcription solutions to fit every need from thousand-person enterprises to the part-time stay at home typist.

You want simple? That’s what we do!

All professional transcription kits come with free training, installation, and setup!

Manage Your Work

Olympus and Philips, both provide user-friendly tools to help you manage your day. Let’s face it, transcriptionists have had it rough lately. Why not make your job easier?

Whether you work alone or in a networked “pool,” professional transcription software not only helps you playback files with amazing clarity, it also helps you keep track of new work, work in progress, and completed transcriptions.

Clear Your Desk

Since digital dictation resides on your computer, a professional transcription kit includes a USB foot pedal – or footswitch – to allow you the same start/stop control of playback you’re accustomed to with conventional tape-based solutions. You can even change the amount of backspace to suit your preference. The software also allows you to speed up or slow down the playback, change tone (treble or bass) and apply noise reduction to help cut out annoying background noises. Each kit comes with a high-quality, under-the-chin headset that plugs either into the headphone jack of your computer, or a separate USB adapter.

Route the Work

Pro dictation and transcription systems can be configured to route work to particular transcriptionists based on author, work type or other keywords. For example, Bob’s dictation could go to Barbara, while Mary’s is routed to both Sam and Josie. Bill’s letters could be e-mailed to David, while his legal briefs are downloaded to a network directory shared by Rhonda.

Wherever you need the work to go, American Dictation can help you devise a workflow configuration to meet your needs.

Remote Transcription

According to the Department of Labor, an estimated 250,000 people do some form of transcription work, with as many as half working from home or small offices. To meet this important market segment, professional transcription systems can receive encrypted voice files sent by compatible dictation systems. All will send by e-mail, most by FTP, as well. Never drive to pick up tapes and deliver documents again!

Manage Your Workforce

For those MTSOs (Medical Transcription Service Organizations) that have a need to manage the distribution of transcription from a variety of dictators to various transcriptionists based on availability and specialty, American Dictation provides a full-features, Web-based file management system called NovusFiles. Originally created to meet the impending need for HIPAA-compliant transfer of digital files before HIPAA even became law, NovusFiles has since grown to remain one of the most convenient, cost-effective tools for helping medium and large MTSOs control the in-flow and out-flow of transcription work.