Installation Services

Today’s digital dictation solutions provide you with ease and performance in large part due to the sophistication of the accompanying software. Installing these systems yourself can, at times, require a large investment of your valuable time than you expected. That’s why American Dictation provides interactive, remote installation and configuration services at little or no cost. The sooner you’re up and running, the sooner you can begin reaping the benefits of your purchase.

We have two basic installation packages:

Professional Products Installation

Free Professional Products InstallationWhen you purchase a professional-grade digital dictation or transcription product, you’ll receive one free remote installation and configuration session. We’ll go through all the choices you may have to configure your products to meet your workflow needs. It’s quick, easy and designed to put you to work in minutes instead of hours!

Look for it when visiting our On-Line Store.

Consumer Products Installation

Most of our consumer-grade products are fairly easy to install. However, if you feel you need assistance to install and configure a new product purchased from American Dictation, simply call our office to arrange for a personal installation and configuration session with one of our trained technicians. Only $49, and includes 90 days of follow-up technical support.

Good for first, initial installation and configuration of included software. Re-installs and configurations of the same product may result in an installation charge.