Request Support

Elite Support

If you’re an Elite Support customer, call us toll-free at 866-408-1383, Monday-Friday between 8a and 6p, Eastern Time, and depending on your needs, either provide immediate assistance or schedule time with one of our senior technicians to personally address your needs.

Standard Support

For those with Standard Support plans, use the form here to submit your technical support request. One of our technicians will respond to you, many times within a few hours (only during normal business hours). If you purchased your qualifying product within the past 90 days, call our toll-free number for immediate assistance.

Note: the above support plans only apply to products purchased from American Dictation. For other items, see below. You must have your order number or account name when contacting American Dictation for support. Support does not include installation, software configurations or training. See “Installation” and “Training” in this section for more information.

If you purchased your item elsewhere…

As much as we’d like to provide technical support for everyone, we have to reserve our time for our customers. For technical assistance, we suggest you contact the company from whom you purchased your item or contact the manufacturer. Consult your owner’s manual for contact information. If you cannot get your problem resolved satisfactorily through those avenues, you can request support from us, but you will be required to purchase an Elite Support plan for $49. This will not only address your current situation but provide you with continued technical support for as long as you own that product. We reserve the right to decline to provide technical support for products we do not sell or for which we feel the manufacturer or other party may provide you more benefits. For information or to purchase an Elite Support Plan, call 866-408-1383 during business hours.

Online Support Request Form

To request e-mail technical support, please use the form below. Please note that only purchasers of products from American Dictation (or NovusFiles) may expect a response.