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Olympus AS-56 Admin Disk for Olympus ODMS - Advanced Management Tools for Workgroup Mode

Olympus AS-56 Admin Disk for ODMS. The admin Disk is for central management and Citrix / Terminal Server workgroup installations of the popular ODMS (DSS Player Pro) dictation and transcription software.
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Olympus AS-56

The Olympus AS-56 Admin Disk for Olympus ODMS contains all of the tools required to install, customize, and manage an ODMS environment in Workgroup mode. The software is supplied separately and is a required component of an ODMS Workgroup mode environment.

Olympus AS-56 Admin Disk for Olympus ODMSconsists of the following components:

  • System Configuration Program (With license)
  • License Manager (With License)
  • Terminal Service Client Virtual Driver
  • Citrix Client Virtual Driver
  • Repository Service

ODMS Standalone vs WorkGroup

Standalone Workgroup
License type
Single or Multi-User License (Concurrent)
Multi User License (Concurrent)
Central License Management
Terminal services (**)
Citrix (**)
VMware (**)
Central Configuration
Group Profile Management
Lock Settings
Deploy Software and Firmware Updates
Custom Installation Wizard
Silent Installation

This add-on can take your Olympus dictation and transcription software setup to an enterprise level, without the ongoing costs and maintenance frequently associated with large dictation workflow groups.

IT managers can now centrally manage the licensing, perform silent installations of the O.D.M.S software on users' machines, and lock down those settings to prevent unauthorized changes.


Operating System

Microsoft Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, Server 2003 SP2, Server 2003 R2 SP2, Server 2008 SP2, Server 2008 R2 SP1, Server 2012)


Microsoft Windows XP: 1GHz or higher; Vista: 1GHz or higher; Windows 7: 1GHz or higher; Windows 8: 2GHz or higher; Windows 8.1: 2GHz or higher; Server 2003: 1GHz or higher; Server 2008: 2GHz or higher; Server 2012: 2GHz or higher


Microsoft Windows XP: 256MB or higher; Vista: 1GB or higher; Windows 7: 1GB or higher (x86)/2GB or higher (x64); Windows 8: 1GB or higher (x86)/2GB or higher (x64); Windows 8.1: 1GB or higher (x86)/2GB or higher (x64); Server 2003: 256MB or higher; Server 2008: 2GB or higher; Server 2012: 2GB or higher

HDD Space

At least 2 GB of free space

.NET Framework

.NET Framework 4.0 or higher

Virtual Environment Platform

Windows Terminal Services:

Microsoft Windows Server 2003/2008/2012 Terminal Services (requires separate RDS[TS] CAL license), Microsoft Windows Server 2008/2012 RemoteApp (requires separate RDS CAL license);


XenApp 5/6/6.5, XenDesktop 4/5/5.6/7 (requires Citrix Online Plugin 12.0.0 or later);


VMware View 4.5/5 (requires VMware View Clients 5.0 or later)

ODMS Administrator Tool CD

ODMS Administrator Tool Components

System Configuration Program, License Manager, Terminal Service Client Virtual Driver, Citrix Client Virtual Driver, Repository Service