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Olympus Dictation App for iPhone and Android

Safely dictate on the go with the Olympus Dictation App for iPhone and Android.
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The Olympus Mobile Solution is perfect for shorter dictations and notes.

Users create crystal clear dictations using their smartphones. The files are encrypted for security and sent via e-mail or FTP directly to your typist. We consider the Olympus Dictation App a vital add-on for users of Olympus professional dictation equipment.

  • Fully integrates with existing ODMS or DSS Pro software
  • Files are encrypted and metadata can be modified right on your smartphone
  • Send multiple voice files all at once, or individually using the Olympus Secure Server
  • Custom settings such as microphone sensitivity and voice activation
  • Available in the Apple App and Google Play stores

With the Olympus Dictation App, your voice files are automatically converted and sent to your transcriptionist or typist securely and quickly.  The voice files will automatically appear in the transcriptionist job list, just as if they were sent via conventional methods.

You can feel safe knowing that the Olympus Dictation App uses secure Olympus servers for the transfer of your sensitive dictations.

If you need to get things done on the fly, this is the app for you.  Convenience, speed, and security all for only $99.00 per year.

Recording Features
  • Insert
  • Overwrite
  • Append
  • Push to talk
  • Shake, record, send
Security & Transfer
  • File transfer protocol: Email/http
  • Transfer to server: https (128 bit)
  • Transfer from server: Email/FTP/FTPS
  • Transfer from recorder: FlashAir
  • Encryption bit length: 128/256 bit
  • Worktype
  • Image attachment
  • Priority setting: High/Normal
  • VU meter
  • Display total/remaining time
  • Shaking (iOS only)
  • English, German, French, Spanish, Swedish, Czech
  • Auto delete files
  • Bluetooth headset compatible
  • VCVA
  • Audio quality: DSS/DS2
  • Server settings
  • Administrative settings