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Olympus E-62 Transcription Headset

Headset for transcribing through PC sound card. Replacement for one shipped with the AS-5000 transcription kit. Compatible with AS-4000 also.
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Olympus E-62 Transcription Headset for transcribing through PC sound card. This headset's long cord plugs into your computer's sound card making it ideal for PC transcription. Supplied with two spare sets of foam earpiece covers. Headband type with in-the-ear speakers.


High-quality Stereo headset for your PC. Its extra-long cable (9 feet ) connects to your computer’s sound card (3.5mm plug) making it a helpful tool for PC-based transcription in busy environments. As an extra comfort, it has movable earpieces. The E62 is supplied in the AS-5000 and AS-7000 transcription kit and is also available separately as a spare part.

  • Stereo headset for your PC
  • The E-62 is supplied in the AS-5000 Transcription Kit but can be purchased separately
  • Extra-long cable
  • Connects to your computer’s soundcard via the standard green input jack


  • Type: In-the-Ear, open-air, dynamic
  • Frequency response: 300 to 8,000 Hz
  • Sensitivity: 100 dB/mW at 1 kHz
  • Impedance: 16 ohms
  • Maximum power: 20 mW
  • Output plug type: 3.5 mm mini-plug (stereo)
  • Earphone cord: 3 m (10.4 ft) length