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Olympus LI-42B Battery Pack for the DS-7000 and DS-3500

Olympus LI-42B Battery Pack for the Olympus DS-7000, DS-3500, DS-2500 digital dictation devices – and many Olympus Cameras.
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The Olympus LI-42B

The Olympus LI-42B Battery Pack for the DS-7000 and DS-3500 is a reliable power source for your digital dictation recorders. This rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack ensures long hours of uninterrupted recording, making it perfect for professionals who rely on their recorders for important tasks.

With its compact and ultra-slim design, the  Olympus LI-42B Battery Pack is convenient to store and transport. The battery pack comes in an Olympus branded retail package, ensuring its authenticity and quality.

When using the Olympus LI-42B Battery Pack, it is recommended to charge it frequently during the initial period of use. This will optimize the battery's performance and allow it to last longer. To charge the battery, simply connect it to an AC power source or use the USB cable and docking cradle.

Here are two key features of the Olympus LI-42B Battery Pack:

  • 740 mAh capacity
  • Quick recharge time for minimal downtime

In order to ensure successful charging, it is advisable to use the AC adapter instead of the USB cable connection, as the power supply capacity of your PC may not be sufficient. It is also important to avoid charging the recorder through a USB hub, as it might not provide enough power.

To preserve the battery and avoid any interference with recording or playback, refrain from setting or removing the recorder from the docking station while operating in these modes. Additionally, do not attach or remove the battery while the USB cable is connected.

For added convenience and peace of mind, it is always recommended to have a second battery on hand, ensuring uninterrupted power supply in case the primary battery runs out of charge.


  • Olympus Branded Retail Package
  • 740 mAh capacity
  • Compact and ultra-slim design

Upgrade your digital dictation recorders with the reliable and efficient Olympus LI-42B Battery Pack. Experience long hours of constant recording without worrying about power depletion. Get yours today and enjoy uninterrupted productivity.